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Fresh Has Always Been Better!

Our Story

When you hear the word “Neese’s” you might think of great tasting sausage. However, what we think of is family. We are proud that our products have been a part of your family traditions from tailgates to holiday dinners. Strong family ties are what brought us to where we are today, and they are what keep us moving forward into the future.

Neese’s is a family business dating back 100 years. Our founder, J.T. Neese, started out selling sausage from the back of his covered wagon. Today, the business is run by the fourth generation of Neeses — with the fifth generation on the way.

Located in Greensboro, NC in the Southeast area of Guilford County, our family has called our current location home since 1933. We continue to focus on providing fresh products to a growing following of customers who depend on us for quality and satisfaction.

Every year we open a booth at the North Carolina State Fair in the Jim Graham Building. You can sample Neese’s liver pudding, souse or c-loaf – all North Carolina favorites. It’s become a family tradition.

In fact, Mr. Tom Neese Jr.’s efforts to produce the very best quality possible are legendary. To that end, he has a 60-year recorded chart of prime hog costs that guides his purchases. We bet not even the FDA doesn’t have this kind of historic record.

Family History

Mid 1700’s
In 1769, George Neese (born 1744) moved to what is now Guilford County, North Carolina, traveling the great wagon road through the Shenandoah Valley from Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The Neeses were farmers, blacksmiths, as well as horse and cattle traders. They harvested almost everything they ate, and prior to 1900, were making sausage for home consumption.

Early 1900’s
By 1917, J.T. Neese was selling sausage and delivering it in a “prairie schooner” covered wagon like the ones used in the country’s great western movement. J.T. (Mr. Thede) began making sausage with a hand grinder and gradually built a trade.

The “special recipe” for Neese’s Sausage was created by J.T. Neese in the early 1900’s. He developed just the right proportions of ham and other pork cuts, and added just the right seasonings of salt, sage, pepper and a few secret ones that only family members know about.

J.T.’s wife, Annie Smith Neese, stirred up another famous Neese recipe for Liver Pudding. “Miss Annie” ground pork livers and other choice pork cuts and seasoned them with herbs and spices. She added just enough cornmeal to hold it together. Just like we do it today, she never added chemicals or preservatives to either sausage or liver pudding.

By 1925, the flourishing business acquired a a Dodge screen-sided truck. Every daybreak, after making and packaging sausage overnight, Mr. Thede would deliver sausage in Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina.

J.T’s son, Tom, graduated from high school and went into sausage making full-time. Eventually the business was left to Tom.

Tom and his brother Homer became partners.

Neese still calls Greensboro, NC. home. Now, the fourth generation of Neese children continues the tradition of making products that are simply the best tasting and highest quality people can buy. Remember, it’s a family tradition; fresh has always been better.

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Neese’s country sausage has been a staple in cooking since I was a child.  From recipes inspired by my mother to new creations on my own, there is no other sausage like neese’s sausage.

-Brandon W.

Neese’s is the only sausage I use when making sausage balls during the holidays! They just wouldn’t be the same with any other brand.

-Karen L.

Neese’s bacon and sausage are definitely a part of our Saturday morning family breakfast. They have a quality product and it always tastes great!

-Chris R.

We love Neese! I was raised with Neese's sausage, bacon and liver pudding in my parents home! The only brand my wife and I purchase for sausage and bacon is Neese's. We can’t wait for the online store!

-Jason C.

My parents have always had a soft spot for Neese’s Liver Pudding, but I prefer their Hot Sausage. It’s versatile, perfectly seasoned, and the quality is unbeatable.

-Michael G.

As a former airport security screener I can attest to the fact that Neese products were, more often than not, included in the carry on bags of many out of town passengers! They raved about having to take the liver pudding and hot sausage home and how they wished it was available in their home towns!!

-Paula H.

Sure was glad to see you guys are going to have online ordering. Now I don't have to wait until I get to North Carolina for my liver puddin' fix!

-Jimmy B.

Out of all the things in life one can be disappointed by, this is not one of them. Always as good as you remember it, always quality.